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In today’s society, separation is a reality that many couples face. When you started your family, you probably never imagined that it would break apart. Divorce and its many layers can seem scary and overwhelming. Planning for your future can be equally daunting. If you want to protect your assets and loved ones, it’s imperative that you are well prepared and know exactly what to expect during a divorce.


Are you filing a divorce in Dallas? Family law issues, such as divorce, are often very complex and difficult to overcome without the proper level of legal assistance. When considering the complexities of relationships that can be affected by legal issues, it becomes even more imperative that you do not trust your future and the future of your family in the hands of a lawyer that does not have your best interests at heart. When making the choice of hiring an attorney for your divorce case, make sure you seek the services of someone experienced and knowledgeable about Texas Family Laws.


The way marital liabilities are divided can greatly affect your life after divorce. All liabilities of a couple must be dealt with in the Decree of Divorce. However, assigning responsibility for a debt to one party does not necessarily mean that the other party is released from responsibility for the debt. Just as a divorcing couple must divide what they own, they must also divide what they owe. Divorcing couples deal with debt in one of three ways:

  • Pay it all off;
  • Service it jointly; or
  • Divide it and each take a share.

While paying it all off may be difficult, it makes for a clean break and a fresh start without friction between former spouses. The other options not only require continued contact, but also put one spouse’s credit at risk. Credit card companies are not bound by a divorcing couple’s property agreement. Joint credit card debt is jointly owned because each spouse has joint liability for the obligation. Even when one spouse agrees to take on a debt, if it has the other spouse’s name on it, the creditor has the right to come after both spouses for payment. Your financial future should only be entrusted in an experienced, well-trained divorce lawyer.


When it comes to filing a divorce in Dallas, the lawyers at MAS Law Firm provide high-quality legal representation at reasonable rates. They are passionate about family law and their success is proof of that. With a combined experience of more than 20 years, and knowledge gained by working on thousands of cases in different counties of Texas, the legal team is your ideal choice for your divorce in Dallas.


We offer a $675 special for our clients, if they are planning to file an uncontested divorce in Dallas. This special price of $675 includes, court filing fee, document preparation fee, and attorney fee for going to court with you for the final divorce decree. If you and your spouse are in mutual agreement to file a divorce and have already talked about the issues regarding property, child support, and child custody, then an uncontested divorce is your ideal choice. With an uncontested divorce, you can file for a divorce is a simple manner and without any drama. Our divorce attorneys represent clients around Dallas Fort-Worth on daily basis for their uncontested divorce cases. Contact us if you have any questions about filing an uncontested divorce in Dallas, or want to discuss your divorce matter with one of our family law professionals.


Our Dallas divorce lawyers have helped clients around Texas filing for a divorce and beginning the new era of their lives. Our legal team offers a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your case in detail with you. You can schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with a member of our family law team by calling 972.789.1664, emailing, or filling out the form on top of this page. We look forward to provide you a dedicated legal service and are here to help you the best way possible for you to get a divorce in Texas. We offer INSTALLMENT PLANS, and accept all major credit cards.


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