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Divorce often involves complex and emotionally challenging matters that should only be entrusted to a lawyer with experience, training, and personal knowledge of family law issues. Uncertainties surrounding the future of your marriage, your finances, or the relationships you have with your children are not easy to deal with gracefully, if at all. All parents want to ensure that their children’s best interests are being protected and that they have parenting time with their children.


Are you a Plano resident and want to file for divorce? It is important to have a divorce lawyer in Plano who will take the time to explain every step of the divorce process in detail. A Plano divorce lawyer can be a tremendous asset and source of support to have on your side. When children are involved in a divorce, matters can become even more complicated and stressful. In relocation cases, the court has the power to decide whether the child will more or not.


Relocation cases are difficult cases that depend on the facts of each individual case. The court takes many factors into consideration, including the motives behind the proposed move, the distance, the quality of the child’s relationship with the stay-behind parent, how the move will affect the child, and ways to keep up the relationship with the left-behind parent after the move. In long distance moves, establishing the parenting time, telephone contact, and traveling arrangements and funding are all factors that must be addressed.


Relocation cases are not a do-it-yourself type of action. If either you or the other parent wants to move out of state or to another area with your children, you should contact a lawyer who has substantial experience in relocation cases. It is critical to meet with an experienced divorce lawyer in Plano to discuss you and your children’s future.


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The Plano divorce lawyers at MAS Law Firm have helped numerous clients resolve their difficult child relocation cases. They are dedicated to helping parents going through a divorce and understand the emotional and financial stress you are going through. To set up a FREE CONSULTATION, call us at 972-789-1664.


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