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If you are seeking a divorce with unresolved issues involving child custody, visitation rights, child support, spousal maintenance, or property and asset division is involved, you and your spouse need to file for a contested divorce. In a contested divorce, both spouses seek the help of legal counsel to resolve disputed issues between them. When you hire a contested divorce attorney, you get the help from their experience of working on similar divorce situations in the past. Your contested divorce attorney will represent you against your spouse to make sure that your rights are protected, and you come to an agreement with your spouse on all the disputes. The knowledge and expertise of your attorney will help you through the process of divorce.


With a divorce that involves complications and a legal battle between you and your spouse, you need the services of attorneys to mediate the process of divorce. The attorneys will sit together with you and your spouse and try to resolve all the matters that are involved. If needed, one of the attorneys will take the case to the court to get a judgment.


When seeking a divorce in Texas, it is ideal to work with an experienced divorce attorney who has the experience of working on contested divorces. Your attorney needs to be knowledgeable and experienced to fight for your rights and resolve the issues at stake. The presence of an attorney makes it easier for both spouses to work towards resolving their disputes. Most contested divorce cases are resolved easily, with an outcome which equally works for both spouses, when an attorney is involved. The attorneys representing you and your spouse will negotiate with both of you to work on resolving all the issues of your contested divorce.


A divorce attorney will normally start the process by consulting with their client to learn about all the issues regarding property, child custody, child support, and any other related issues. The attorney will then contact your spouse’s attorney to brief about your side of the case. This begins the process of negotiation and consultation with both parties to reach a final divorce agreement. Due to the complications involved in a contested divorce due to the problems involving property, finances, child support, child custody, and other issues, it can take a lot of time in negotiation and consultation between the two spouses and their attorneys to resolve all the outstanding issues. But, if both spouses cannot reach an agreement then the case is taken to the court, where a decision is made after listening to both sides and carefully examining all aspects of the divorce case.


Your contested divorce lawyer will represent you in court, making sure that all your concerns and conditions are met, and your rights are protected at the end of the day. Your attorney will explain all your concerns and demands in front of the court regarding financial, property, child support, child custody, and any other related issues. On the other hand, your attorney will also make sure that any demands and interrogatories raised by your spouse or their attorney are properly answered and dealt with. In a contested divorce, your attorney has two different roles to play. One is to represent you effetely to get your rightful share of the finances and property of your spouse, get the right amount of child support, and get the custody of your children according to the law. The second role is to effectively represent you against your spouse and their attorney to make sure that your rights are protected, and you are not taken advantage of. It is the job of your divorce attorney to vigorously represent you in court and aggressively fight for your rights in an effort to attain your complete satisfaction with the case.


Filing a Divorce in Texas


Our divorce attorneys have represented clients across Dallas, Collin, Denton, and Tarrant counties of Texas for their contested divorce cases. Our attorneys have represented clients seeking divorce on both sides, husbands and wives. Our clients included, wives dealing with disputes involving property, finance, and children with their husbands; and husbands dealing with disputes involving their property, child support payments, custody of their children, and visitation rights for their children. Our divorce attorneys have a combined experience of more than 20 years of dealing with family law matters, and are here for you to help safeguard your rights.


We at MAS Law Firm, understand that being involved in a contested divorce can bring about a high level of stress and can incur a lot of expenses for the parties involved. But, our team of contested divorce attorneys are here to fight aggressively to ensure that your process of divorce is as smooth as possible. Our lawyers concentrate on efforts towards achieving solutions in your disputed issues through litigation. Our attorneys use their experience and knowledge to try resolve the disputes with your spouse through dispute resolutions methods of mediations and negotiations, but if necessary we are ready to represent you in court against your spouse. With our experience of working on thousands of divorce cases over the years, we understand that sometimes it is necessary to take your case in front of a judge, when matters cannot be resolved by negotiations between spouses.


We work closely with our clients when their contested divorce case goes to court, to guarantee a solid representation in front of the a judge. In a contested divorce, it is sometimes necessary to take the case to the judge to get the desired objective from the case, and we are always there for our clients to represent them effectively in court for their contested divorce.


Our team of passionate Dallas divorce attorneys offer a FREE CONSULTATION to our potential clients, to give them an opportunity to discuss different aspects of their case with a knowledgeable family law professional. Our potential clients can schedule a free of charge, no obligation consultation with a member of our family law team and discuss their divorce case in detail. Our legal team is here to answer all your questions about your divorce case, and will help you understand the laws and determine the right course of action for your and your family’s better future. You can schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our contested divorce attorneys by calling 972.789.1664, emailing, or filling out the form on top of this page. We offer convenient installment plans, and accept all major credit cards.

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